How Can I Activate My Roku Without a Credit Card?

If you want to activate Roku without a credit card? Then, you came at right place.

For a variety of reasons, Roku is the one of the best streaming device on the planet. For starters, it has the biggest channels and content selection of any OTT/streaming device on the market. Roku has more channels and content than any other streaming device. Not just Amazon, Netflix, Hulu but thousands of other channels (Many of which were produced by yours truly) covering every time from movies and television to music, sports and anything to else.

One more thing, Roku is the most straightforward device to set up. To register your device online, all you need is an internet connection and a payment card or PayPal account. For on-screen in app purchase like buying movies from FandangoNOW or subscribing to various SVOD (Subscription-based) channels, Roku keeps your credit card/PayPal and payment information.

But in this article, What if you don’t want to share that information with us? Is it still possible to Register your Roku device or Roku without a credit card?

You can at the time of this writing and easily activate Roku without a credit card. Sure, this could change in the future, but for now, if you want to register your Roku device without providing your credit card or billing info. There’s an easy solution so you don’t have to worry about your kids or someone else making purchase. You’ll get the best result if you have a PayPal account, but you don’t really need one, and even if you do, you won’t really have to use it.

How to Register Roku Without a Credit Card?

Follow all steps given below to Register Roku without a credit card:

  • When you first set up your device, open the web-browser and visit
  • You need to Register your device. So, register it.
  • Create an Account by clicking My Account, then create account.
  • Choose a password and enter your name and email address. Continue to the next page after you’ve confirmed you’re human.
  • To be safe, click “require a PIN for all transactions” and enter and confirm a PIN for your account.
  • After that, move on to the next screen.
  • Next, they’ll ask for your billing information on this screen.
  • Choose PayPal as your payment method.
  • Enter your PayPal email address or create one.
  • Submit your personal info. including your address, phone number and other details.
  • Next step, Roku now redirect you to PayPal homepage, where you must login and confirm that you’re trying Roku to PayPal. Simple close the PayPal page after it has loaded. Don’t need to login PayPal and confirm anything on PayPal. Just Close It.
  • In the browser address bar, type and hit enter key.
  • Once again, go to My Account, and you’ll see that under the payment method, it says to “Add a Payment Method to make purchase.” You’ve effectively avoided needing to do that now.
  • Tap “Link a Device” at the bottom of the page.
  • You can now link your device without having to register a payment method.

After you’ve registered and linked your Roku without a credit card, you can use it like any other device. You may add whatever channels you want as long as they’re free or subscription channels like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, which require you to sign up online.

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