Activate Roku device through

Activate Roku device through – Roku is an most popular streaming device platform to watch all type of entertainment service on smart TV or different device. If you want to setup a Roku device on your smart TV, let’s follow some points given below:-

  1. Firstly, connect Roku device into HDMI Port.
  2. Add power adapter plug-in to the Roku device from wall-socket.
  3. Turn on the smart TV to further instructions.
  4. Then, open or unbox your Roku device.
activate roku device through

When you first time open a TV after connecting the Roku device, You will get the Roku activation code for the Roku device that you need to activate from computer or smartphone devices. It doesn’t matter whether it is a Windows Mac system. You need to go to the URL to activate the device:

How to Activate Roku device through

To activate Roku device from your windows or Mac device, follow some basic steps that will help you set up your Roku device in short time.

  1. Make sure to check good internet data or WI-Fi network.
  2. Launch preferable internet browser.
  3. Go to official link, which is activate.
  4. User need to enter the device activation code that you will receive on your smart TV.
  5. Then, hit on Agree & Continue.
  6. In next screen, Pick your TV option and the location where your smart TV is located.
  7. Then, hit on continue.
  8. Again Click continue, to next proceeds.
  9. Tap on the Next option to read on-screen directions.
  10. You will came at billing information & payment details page.
  11. If you want to do, then enter card details.
  12. Otherwise go to Next option.

Finally, You will check your smart TV, it may take a minute to software update, and then you will be able to use your Roku device afterwards.

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