How do i Connect My Roku TV to WiFi?

In this article, you’ll learn how to Connect my Roku TV to WiFi. Visit us to follow step-by-step guidelines. Roku stream live on 5000+ streaming channels.

Roku boxes and TVs support both Ethernet and WiFi internet connections, however streaming sticks only support WiFi.

How to Connect My Roku TV to WiFi for the First Time?

System Requirement and Important Thing:

  • A Router that supports both wired and wireless connections
  • Be ready with your strong network password
  • Be ready with Roku remote control
  • Roku TV, Streaming Stick or Roku box

First, Join the WiFi Network

You’ll be directed through a setup procedure that includes connecting your Roku stick or box to the internet once you’ve connected it to power and turned it on.

  1. When setting up Roku TVs and boxes, you’ll be asked whether you want to connect to the internet via Wired or Wireless network.
  2. If you choose Wired, don’t forget to use an Ethernet cable to connect your Roku box or TV to your router. Your Roku device will connect to your home network and the internet via a direct connection. After that, you can finish the rest of the setup instructions for your Roku device.
  3. If you choose Wireless, you’ll have to go through a few more steps to finish the connections procedure before continuing with the rest of the Roku device setup.
  4. Your Roku device will automatically scan for any available networks within range when setting up a wireless connection for the first time.
  5. When the list of available networks shows, locate and select your wireless network from the list.
  6. Whether your home network isn’t listed, select scan to see all networks again and see if it shows up in the next list.
  7. It will check to verify if your WiFi and internet connections are working properly after you select your network. If that’s the case, you’re good to go. If not, double-check that you’ve selected the correct network.
  8. You’ll need to provide your network password after Roku certifies it can connect to your network. Select Connect after you’ve entered your password. You’ll receive a confirmation that your Roku device has connected to your home network and the internet if the password was provided correctly.
  9. Your Roku device will immediately check for any available firmware/software upgrades once connected. If any are found, save them to your computer and install them.
  10. Before moving on to other setup stages or viewing, wait for this procedure to complete.

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