How do i get to the Roku secret menu?

If are you new user on Roku, and you wanted to the Roku secret menu option. you can easily find Roku secret menu option on your Roku device. So before knowing Roku secret menu, you need to know about Roku device.

Roku device is the one of the best streaming device in all over world. Roku provides entertainment service and also provides their products. Roku is the USA based company. Roku main functionality to change your simple TV into smart TV. You can watch movies. TV shows, web shows, news, sports etc. When you have a Roku device, then you don’t need any cable connection. You will get free and paid subscription in Roku device.

How do i get to the Roku secret menu?

To want to know Roku secret menu, you can easily find by Roku remote. In Roku remote, you can press home button to start your Roku device.

Some of the main function have been reduced to make the Roku button codes or short names easier to read perform, If you see RW it’s stand of Rewind. If you see PP, it’s stand of Play/Pause, If you see FF, it’s stand of Fast Forward.

It is also worth noticing that the directional pad’s four sides are denoted by the letters which is Up, Down, Left and Right.

The secret Menu has all of the information you need about your Roku’s hardware. You may learn about the model name, the manufacturer’s dates, the power lifetime and other important details. In addition, there are four software related choices:

  1. Factory Reset: This option restores your Roku’s factory setting. It does, however, remove your additional channels and logs you out of your Roku account.
  2. Server for Software Updates in Cycles: Mostly, Roku device comes preinstalled with Roku OS release builds by default. You can switch to pre-release software and gain access to experimental features by selecting this option. Switching from release  to beta software, on the other hand, will erase all of your data from the device. Furthermore, due to flaws, malfunctions, and frequent crashes, Pre-release Roku OS builds are useless for daily use.
  3. Update Software: This option brings the Roku OS firmware and software up to date timely or current. If you already have the current version installed, it will reapply the same update.
  4. Cycle Channel Store Server: In this option, you can move between different Roku channel store regions by cycling through the server.

Short function of Roku remote button, Home (5x), RW (2x), FF (3x)

Get From Another Way

From the another way, you may alter your home screen banner, turn on/off scorrable advertisements, disable auto-pair, change screenshot settings, and see theme information, among other things. It’s essentially a god mode menu that gives you rapid access to several complex settings that aren’t available on the ordinary Roku “Setting” page.


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