How do you pair a Roku Remote Control?

This article will show you how to automatically Pair a Roku remote, how to reset an enhanced Roku Remote etc.

How to Pair a Roku Remote Control?

Wireless remote controls are included with all Roku TVs, streaming sticks, and boxes. Some Roku remotes employ IR (Infrared light) and need line-of-sight to work with a Roku, but they don’t need to be paired. They must be associated with a Roku device before being utilized. Check to see if your Roku TV or player responds by pressing some of the Remote control buttons. It has to be matched if it doesn’t.

Pairing a Remote

If your Roku device includes an IR remote, enter the batteries (AA or AAA), then point and press the buttons you’ll be using. There’s no need for a second pairing.

The following Roku Remote come with IR Remotes, or are compatible with them:

  • Roku models 1, 2, and 3
  • Roku Express and Express+
  • 2 HD, XD, and XS
  • Roku HD, XD, and XDS
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku LT
  • Roku N1

Connect your Roku device to your TV and a power source to pair your Roku IR remote. After that, replace the batteries in the Remote and press any button. The pairing process will begin automatically if your Remote is close to the player.

  1. Connect your Roku to your TV and to a power outlet.
  2. Then switch your TV to your Roku device’s HDMI input. By clicking the input or source button on your TV or remote, you can achieve it.
  3. Replace the batteries in your Roku remote control.
  4. Any button on the Roku remote should be pressed. This will pair your Remote with your Roku device automatically. Make sure you’re in line of sight of the Roku device if you’re using an IR remote.

How to Pair Your Roku Enhanced Remote

Replace the batteries in the Remote to connect your Roku device to an improved remote. After that, switch on your Roku device and set the remote near it. The pairing procedure will begin as a result of this.

  1. Then turn on your TV and switch to your Roku device’s HDMI port. By clicking the input or source button on your TV remote, you can get this.
  2. Replace the batteries in the container. You can just remove the batteries and replace them if you don’t have replacements.
  3. Place the remote in close proximity to the Roku device. This will pair your remote with your Roku device automatically.
  4. Wait till the pairing process is finished. A notification will appear on your TV screen that states, “Pairing remote…” The remote will be linked in a few moments, and you may begin using it.

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