What is the latest software version of Roku?

The Roku Express 4K+, All-in-One Roku Soundbar Pro, are two new streaming devices with the latest software version of Roku. The streaming service also released a system update for most Roku player, which includes some long awaited features. Here’s all you need to know about Roku’s newest device, Roku OS 10 update.

Here’s the Latest Software Version of Roku

The first latest software version of Roku which is launch New devices. Let’s know:

Roku Express 4K+

The Roku express 4k+ is one of the most affordable 4k streaming devices on the market. It also support high-dynamic-range content (HDR). When you stream select movies and TV episodes, your picture will be sharper, brighter and more colorful.

Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity is now available on the Roku Express 4K+, allowing you to choose between a strong and a long-range connection. The Roku express 4K+, unlike the previous generation, comes with a new voice control that works with alexa and Google Assistant. This means you can manage your TV with voice commands, find a new movie, web shows to watch and etc.

Roku Stream bar Pro

Roku Stream bar Pro is an all-in-one device of its kind that allows you to stream movies while still providing cinema-quality audio. It supports 4K and HDR video as a streaming device, and Roku’s new “Virtual Surround” capability as a soundbar. This 32-inch soundbar is significantly larger than the previous 14-inch model, allowing for larger internal speakers and a wider sound stage.

This smart soundbar can also be connected by Bluetooth, making it ideal for streaming music from your device.

Roku Voice Remote Pro

Roku’s voice remote has also been significantly updated. The New Roku Voice Remote Pro has an “always listening” feature that allows you to control your TV without touching your remote. You can use voice commands to switch on your TV, find a movie, play, pause, rewind, control the volume, and even say “Hey, Roku” can say. You can find your remote by saying.

This new Roku remote work on recharged using a Regular USB charger, eliminating the need to replace batteries. Additionally, this is the first Roku remote to include customization shortcut buttons, allowing you to launch your favorite apps or other instructions with a single button.

Roku OS 10 Update

The next, latest software version of Roku which is launch New operating system Roku OS 10. Let’s know:

The latest Software Version of Roku OS 10 Update includes a slew of capabilities, including instant resume. This new function will transport you back to the point where you last stopped watching a movie or television show. You won’t have to waste time fast-forwarding and rewinding stuff to get back to where you left off this way.

Individual channels can now be hidden and “Favorited” and you can rapidly move between all channels, Recently visited, and favorites with the new Roku OS 10 update. There are also a few model-specific updates, as well as minor cosmetic tweaks and voice-commands improvements.Roku OS 10 is currently available, but it will be rolled out to all supported device in the coming weeks, according to the Roku company.


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